Scroll down for list of new library books at Bangor Public Library

The Human Resources Association of Eastern Maine (HRAEM) consists of approximately 85 human resource professionals located throughout Eastern Maine and the Greater Bangor area. We have the following goals:

  1. To encourage and promote the highest standards of professional Human Resources practice.
  1. To provide a forum for networking and the exchange of pertinent ideas among regional Human Resources administrators.
  1. To institute and sponsor meaningful educational programs of interest to Human Resources professionals.

HRAEM is governed by a Board of Directors. Monthly meetings are held in Bangor from September through June each year.

List of New Human Resource Related Books Available at the Bangor Public Library

  • Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar Schein – 302.35.S319o
  • HIPAA Privacy Source Book by William Hubbartt – 344.73.H861h
  • Pension Protection Act of 2006 – 344.7301.P3876p
  • The Complete guide to Human Resources and the Law by Dana Shilling – 344.7301.S5563c
  • The Employer’s Legal Handbook by Fred Steingold – 344.7301.S822e
  • Understanding the Federal Wage & Hour Laws – 344.7301.U5575u
  • The OSHA Answer Book by Mark Moran – 344.7301.M7933o
  • The OSHA Recordkeeping Answer Book by Mark Moran – 344.7304.M7933or
  • Employer’s Guide to Military Leave Compliance by Dean Silverberg – 355.115.S5874e
  • Managing to Stay Out of Court by Jathan Janove – 658.J2644m
  • The ROI of Human Capital by Jac Fitz-enz – 658.14226.F5745r
  • The HR Scorecard by Brian Becker – 658.3.B3883h
  • Magic Numbers for Human Resource Management by Hugh Bucknall – 658.3.B8573m
  • The Complete Do-it-yourself Human Resources Department by Mary Cook – 658.3.C7725c
  • Outsourcing Human Resources Functions by Mary Cook – 658.3.C7725o
  • How to Measure Human Resources Management by Jac Fitz-enz – 658.3.F5745h
  • The Future of Human Resource Management – 658.3.F9897f
  • HRM Ethics by Linda Gravett – 658.3.G7884h pt.1
  • HRM Ethics by Linda Gravett – 658.3.G7884h pt.2
  • Human Resource Essentials by Lin Grensing-Pophal – 658.3.G8657h
  • Frontline HR by Jeffrey Hornsby – 658.3.H7846f
  • Shaping Your HR Role by William Kahnweiler – 658.3.K1225a
  • The Human Resource Professional’s Career Guide by Jeanne Palmer – 658.3.P1825h
  • The HR Value Proposition by David Ulrick – 658.3.U45h
  • Managing a Diverse Workforce by Gary Powell – 658.3008.P8714m
  • The Essentials of Managing Change and Transition – 658.301.E7833e
  • The Workforce Scorecard by Mark Huselid – 658.301.H9558w
  • HR Metrics, the World-Class Way by John Sullivan – 658.301.S9506h
  • Legal, Effective Referenced by Wendy Bliss – 658.3112.B6194L
  • How to Manage Training by Carolyn Nilson – 658.3124.N5994h
  • Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement Programs by Jack Phillips – 658.3124.P5441r
  • What CEO’s Expect From Corporate Training by William Rothwell – 658.3124.R7463w
  • Telling Ain’t Training by Harold Stolovitch – 658.3124.S8755t
  • The Professional Trainer by Rober Vaughn – 658.3124.V4654p
  • Proving the Value of HR by Jack Phillips – 658.3125.P5441p
  • Employment Termination Source Book by Wendy Bliss – 658.313.B6194e
  • Motivating the “What’s In It For Me?” Workforce by Cam Marston – 658.314.M3597m
  • Performance Management by James Rollo – 658.314.R6587p
  • Investigating Workplace Harassment by Amy Oppenheimer – 658.3145.O6233i
  • The Handbook of Employee Benefits – 658.325.H1916h
  • Employee Benefits by Joseph Martocchio – 658.325.M3673e
  • The OSHA Training Answer Book by Mark Moran – 658.38.M7933o
  • Workplace Safety by Dan Hopwood – 658.382.H7797w
  • The Essentials of Strategy – 658.4.E7833e
  • Best Practices In Organization Development – 658.406.B4644b
  • Organization Change by Burke Warner – 658.406.B9175o
  • Organization Development Basics by Lisa Haneberg – 658.406.H1932o
  • Organization Development and Transformation – 658.406.O6823o
  • The 2006 ASTD Organization Development & Leadership Sourcebook – 658.406.T9305t
  • Writing Effective Policies and Procedures by Nancy Campbell – 658.453.C1533w